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Instrumental Music Program

The instrumental music program provides standards-based music instruction on violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone, starting with beginning classes, with the goal of creating a school orchestra at the school by:

  • Instructing approximately 90 children in the upper grades (3rd-5th) 1 day each week
  • Groups perform twice a school year
  • Special performances


Group   Length of Class
Strings: Year 1   45-60 minutes
Strings: Year 2   45 minutes, plus ensemble time
Woodwind & Brass: Year 1   30-45 minutes
Woodwind & Brass: Year 2   45 minutes, plus ensemble time

Extra Opportunities for Orchestra Instruction During School Closure

WeHo Youth Orchestra Basic Music Series

Episode 3: Clefs

Episode 2: Notations

Episode 1: Physics of Music