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Visual Art

Kindergarten: Elements Are All Around Us.   

Enduring Understanding: The elements of art are all around us. Essential Questions: What is Art? Where do you see the elements of art?

Grade 1: Artists From All Over The World Make Works Of Art.  Enduring Understanding: Artists from all over the world make works of art. Essential Question: How does art look in different parts of the world?

Grade 2: Artists Use A Variety Of Media, Tools and Materials.      Enduring Understanding.   Artists use a variety of media, tools and materials. Essential Questions: What are the tools and media that artists use? How do artists choose the medium?                                                         
Grade 3: Artists Make Art About What They See, Think, and Feel.   Enduring Understanding: Artists make art about what they see, think and feel. Essential Questions: Why do artists make art? How do artists capture what they see, think and feel?

Grade 4: The Language Of Art Helps Us See And Discuss Art With Clarity.                                                                                                      Enduring Understanding Understanding the language of art helps you see and discuss art with clarity. Essential Questions: How does the language of art (elements, and principles of art) help us to discuss/see art better?

Grade 5: Artists Make Choices Based On Values, Opinions And Personal Insight.                                                                                                  Enduring Understanding.   Artists make choices based on their values, opinions and personal insights. Essential Questions: How do artists make choices about their work? Why is personal choice an important tool in artmaking? What can personal choice tell us about our self-identity?

art show
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art show