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-DO pull up to the Parent Volunteer  School Safety Guards and they will let your children out of the car.Please stay in the car!!!

-DO have your child unbuckle their seat belt  when the car stops.

-DO NOT cut into the drop off line.  This is a single lane that moves quickly.

-DO NOT  double park your car to let your children out of the car.  This is a major safety hazard for your children.

-Once your child has exited the car, DRIVE OFF.  Please exercise caution wen pulling into traffic.  

We request your cooperation in parking legally at arrival and dismissal. 

Double parking creates a safety hazard for all.  Please be courteous to our neighbors.  Do not block driveways.

Morning gate accessibility to drop your children off at school is as follows:

The Stop and Drop Valet program is available on Hammond northbound from Cynthia.

The front has NO PARKING for the morning hours and limited parking after 10am.

There is no student drop off in parking lots.

Parents not using Stop and Drop and/or walking children onto campus should find street parking and escort the children through the front entrance of the school on Hammond or the pedestrian gate on Harratt.

Both gates are locked at 3:15pm. The Hammond gate will be open for pedestrian access only.

Stop and Drop Valet Program

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